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I think somebody might have put it on facebook =)

Give our children their future back!


vi håller för närvarande på med att leta efter lämpliga lokaler centralt i Jönköpings-området

Car | Audi S2 Coupé ’96 Name | Prozac

Body | 2-door coupé Aluminium-silver-metalic (LY7M) Treser tail-lights.

Interior | Recaro-seats (RS2-type) 3-spoke airbag steering-wheel Black leather Wood-trims in doors and dashboard Black headliner MTM 320km/h-speedo.

Engine | ABY 2.2l 20v turbo. Oil | Motul 300V 5W40 Fuel | Ethanol

Transmission | 6-speed wide 1st-gear Sachs stiff-4-puck sinter with reinforced pressure-plate.

Chassis | Powerflex wishbone-bushes KW variant 2-coilovers.

Brakes | Front | Porsche 996-calipers with Textar-pads and steel-braided brake-lines 314mm A8-discs.
• Rear | Stock brakes with Textar-pads and steel-braided brake-lines.

Wheels | 18×8.5″ RS4-rims 225/40-18″ Bridgestone S02-tires.

Performance | 0-100km/h: below 6 sec 80-120km/h in 3rd-gear: 3.3 sec 230hp / 380Nm.

Stereo | Becker Mexico Pro CD 4627 DLS Ultimate UP36 front-speakers
DLS A3 Big Three-amplifier • JL Audio 13TW5-3-subwoofer.

där kommer man självklart att kunna se och köpa alla våra produkter

och även få dom monterade, inkluderat i priset

vi kommer dessutom att erbjuda alla möjliga typer av reparationer av roliga bilar

inga volvon alltså 😉

förutom det så kommer vi även att erbjuda reparation av plåt och lackskador av högsta kvalitet

och även sömnad.

and by the way, her name is gorgeous

Artist | yoggi

for best experience use

and clear browser-data 😉

and by the way, my phone got water-damaged! irry! huh?! and the sim-card too =/

and yeah it may be hard to reach me on that phone-number, cause you know how i am, “as soon as i feel that i want to do it”, so it may be a-while? till i get a new phone =)

not when somebody tells me to do it, and yeah you may have guessed that i am a vegetarian?

and i have to tell you that yoggi doesn’t sleep away without his gorgeous, maybe he even will not leave his bed without his gorgeous

and maybe i know a lot of other things, and maybe i to am sloppy sometimes

and relax, you may have to sit down for this and smoke a joint, i heard it’s legal in german medically =)

as in almost all the world now? And actually it is even legal in Sweden, but you cant have it

but anyways it looks like this,

And if any doctor is willing to prescribe it to me anywhere in eu, i’m willing to come there in my Audi S2, or maybe even somebody in sweden prepared to follow the lawbook. And don’t worry, i’m really not that good, even i use sometimes. And maybe i can tell you that we ditched facebook and instagram? And i even stopped watching tv completely, and guess what, maybe more should try to. I even deleted some of my most beautiful pictures coming to this point, i’m that impulsive, scary huh?

but anyways they looked something like this

cant we just cut the bullshit and answer Greta Thunbergs questions? We are all controlled and manipulated by the school-system, the media, the government and so on and that banks create money out of thin air? And steal away our childrens feature? And maybe me and a bunch of friends have known and talked about chemtrails and haarp and a lot of other things for the last 15 years? And maybe we had an audience of millions? of people? Thru facebook? And maybe we got tired of trying to convince everybody, and maybe some of us died? And maybe some of us even got killed for speaking the truth?

and maybe these people have organised themselves man to man? And stopped using facebook, instragram, whats app and all the other crap and you just couldn’t follow them anymore? But you know what, just surrender and nobody will be hurt, cause we are all tired of the violence and all the bullshit. And guess what? This homepage has reached over 120 countries/states.

And maybe i started to know that Audi was looking at me, and then i just continued, and continued, and then i realised this was going viral and that i just told everybody the truth like i always have done and will, yeah just ask my friends! And i know that it’s being spread mouth by mouth, old school, huh? And yeah i have seen Ken Ring 3 times live, and the last time i even took my 11-year daughter with me. And relax she knows all of this too, and my family and friends and everybody else we have met or spoken to.

And this will oxå go “mätarn ut och lite till”, yeah thats a quote, Hans Dahlbäck said it first i think, and yeah i even met the man

and maybe i met Anders Carlsson

and i dont know how to do about this, my plan was not to start a tuning-shop, but maybe i’ll have to do that now

and you may even have guessed that i sometimes make mistakes on purpose, coding?

that’s because i have found faults in the wordpress-code maybe?

and maybe i even know how to stop violence? And sexual abuse?

How about we stop promoting it everywhere?!!!

and i think gorgeous would look gorgeous in this

You want to stop all the wars? Destroy all weapons and close down all the war factorys

Yeah why don’t you just tell them that NASA is a fraud?!

And maybe even tell us that the world really is flat?

Audi you made me do it! And this was the car i thought that gorgeous would look great in, and yeah she is blonde

but i think she would like a red one, manual transmission of course, and yeah, no virtual cockpit thank you =)

haven’t listened to that one although i know that you to have experienced that sometimes you can look at something and see that it’s gorgeous by the looks of it

and sometimes not

and that i have an eye for details?

and maybe have answers for many other problems

maybe we should restrict the time our children look at the screens?

or maybe the grown ups should be forbidden to use them?

and this is our first generation

because you know children do as we do?

and by know you may have guessed that all my friends know everything i have said?

and you know what? they know everything i know

and yeah, we tested all the other models

and this is our second generation if i need to remind you?

and you may have guessed by now that georgeous is the seamstress

and you may have guessed that i have a lot of friends

and you may know that i listen to a-lot of music

and you may want to know what i listen to music through

RHA 750i, and i know that many like me may have thrown away the extra ear-buds that came with it because we didn’t see the value of it

and maybe you have realized that i’m a man that when he sees an opportunity, i take it

Beautiful ain’t it

And you may have guessed that i like to sit comfortably

and yeah really, we are really good friends too, and they are just as gorgeous as me =)

and they are artists just like me

each with his or hers expertice

yeah greater than me!

i’m just the man orchestrating the whole

forgiveness is the only way we can go now, and thank you Greta Thunberg for giving me the strength to do this, you must have had great parents, just like i had

why can’t everybody just relax a little, light a joint, yeah you know they smoked it in the peace-pipe? And i really dont want to be famous, i want to be like The Stig and wear a helmet, race my cars and build cars and maybe some buildings. I believe i have done my part now and it’s time for the rest of the grown ups to take their responsibility. And can’t we just give all the children a long brake from school to let them help their parents, cause really, it’s the grown ups that have lost their balls.

And yeah i need my drivers license back, and relax even the police knows they can’t stop me from driving after all this, yeah i think i may have passed by a police-car in 200km/h on e4 on the way to Gränna racing another street-racer, and relax, we always backed of when we met a stupid driver, but i floored it that time, got away, stopped in the woods, yeah with an original Audi S2, lit up a cigarette.

Hey the Swedish government, i have a suggestion for you! Why don’t you arrange so that the best cop-drivers can meet the best smoking drivers on a track course and let the smokers show that nobody can catch them and make it a big release-party for marijuana? Gods medicine

vrooom vrooooooom!!!

and really gorgeous and my princess are the true artist in my family

and yeah without my mother and father who raised me and and my brothers to support me

and yeah my friends to of course, and the swedish- and serbian-society of course

and yeah the rest of the world to

yeah i have even slept on the beach gazing at the stars

yeah all alone of course

and yeah maybe you think isn’t he autistic

but really, i really have a couple of friends that are smarter than me

they have photographic-memory

and yoggi may need some parts for that silver-bullet =/

and i think yoggi would like this with a stick shift

and this is one of my friends floddy from way back when i lived on gånglåten

and yeah i have one red S2-shell that is supposed to be a proper clubsport

Skoda Superb L & K 1.8T-engine, of course it’s a petrol-engine! DSG-gearbox, brown leather, massage-seats, black head-liner, of course, ventilated seats even! But unfortunately we didn’t take the back-seat-heating =/

And i think somebody delivered the car with the wrong tires. And maybe it even was atteviks.

And maybe they even didn’t follow Audis warranty and put some money in their own pockets?

And maybe my father even bought a new Skoda Octavia RS -03? Very beautiful car!

And maybe i even bought it from him VERY cheap, yeah you can do so in your family!

And maybe i even drow her from 140000km to 310000km without any problem at all? In less than 4 years? Always with full throttle?

And maybe she had some problems with galvsläpp, not much, but atteviks didn’t want to take care of her despite being under rust-proof-warranty…

and yeah I want the cars done by and exposed on custom-motor-show the worlds greatest motor-show here in Jönköping. And of course mingle a little with like-minded-people, besides showing of our products. =)

and no i wont be no president or something like that! my passions are love, not controlling other people, and cars you may have guessed? And maybe even i know how to sew! and maybe even i can do wood-working by hands? yeah except using manual lathe and mill, except programming and running cnc-machines.

Yeah and i may even have worked at ikea, and where one of their master-picker? And maybe have had internship at a tire work-shop, and maybe i speak and read 4 languages. And have been a lot to spain the last couple of years so i may be learning spanish to.

And i have friends that speak more than 7 languages! A bunch of them!

and did i tell you that my mother and father knows that i smoke? and i mentioned my daughter? she knows TOO! irry? And she loves her cannabis-smoking dad more than anything, just like her father loves his princess more than anything!

and did i tell you that yoggi doesn’t use emojis?

and did i tell you that yoggi may have started some trends before? and may have created his first homepages in notepad?

maybe that was a Natalie Imbruglia-homepage, did i mention that she was gorgeous to?

and maybe i even bought a Lene Marlin-cd in berlin during a one week long trip to berlin, well mostly, with my SPIN-class from Erik Dahlbergs-gymnasiet?

and did i tell you that i think yoggi has a lot of good friends in the swedish government? and maybe know a king or two?

and i maybe even constructed my own speakers in 9th grade. As a specialarbete!

and i maybe even have writen an essay about Porsche, and maybe some other odd things

and maybe i even painted and wrote a series-novel about an Audi RS2 in the 5th grade?

and maybe i first saw the S2 as an avant in the Audi-magazine in 92? A red one?

And maybe you have a friend of mine at atteviks? And maybe the first S2 i had the oppurtunity to ride was his red S2 sedan, yeah you may have seen her here somewhere, her number-plate started with REY. And you may have noticed that she didn’t sound like she was running like she is supposed to, like almost al cars you see on youtube?

And maybe i should tell you that the reason i blew the rear-diff was because the sealing was damaged and most of the oil had leaked out so it didn’t have almost any lubrication.

And the reason it blew the spark-plug-threads and coil-plug was because of bad programming, yeah i chipped her!

None of this was down to Audi, it was because of user-error!

And maybe my first car was an Audi 2.8 coupe, she didn’t run like other 2.8-engines, yeah it was a lovely v6! And i think somebody had put better cams in her for more breathing and more power?

And maybe i even may have noticed, doing 1000+ street-race-starts, yeah of cours always dumping the clutch at between 4000-6500 rpm depending on the grip, and yeah she spun all her four wheels better than most S2 you see on the internet, and i maybe even got beaten once in a street-race, racing a 450hp+ S2, yeah with my original S2, and maybe even an urquattro with an 3b-engine, that somebody may have put 7A-cams in my car from the factory? And of course a different maping. She likes to rev to 7500rpm!

And maybe i even have friends that drive better than me? And maybe i know of people driving away from the police-helikopter? Yeah it happens sometimes here in sweden

And maybe i even noticed the police noticing me, and maybe they even noticed that i helped to keep Jönköping centrum calm with my presence there. And maybe they even like that i stand up for the truth, cause they have seen that the war on drugs destroy peoples lives

who gave anybody the right to touch me? to test me like i was a piece of meat without any feelings? to imprison people?

AND did i mention that yoggi and gorgeous really would like to try some really nice ECSTACY to! Yeah that to is GODS medicine!

and you can reach me on that e-mail-address below =)

did i mention that sharing is caring?

and maybe i have smoked more cannabis than anyone you know 😉

i think this would be perfect for gorgeous! and i would need it asap! and i might have forgotten to tell you that gorgeous is going to bring her flat-earth-map to kkv in gothenburg today, and i would like to drive her there in that car =)

and maybe we should stop flying just like greta thunberg has tried to tell us for some time now and take the car instead, and maybe stay home from the job today?

I’ve always preferred staying close to the ground, and i might be the one responsible for telling everyone that my cars have “höjdskräck”

and i might have to tell you that i have a black cat, namad sotis? yeah she is my baby! and i would like to get a dog, or maybe it will find me just like sotis found me? maybe i even met it at la caleta beach on tenerife?

and why wont we just let our dogs and cats follow us on our car-trips to other countrys? yeah prohibit air-planes!

the companys and people on this homepage are just there as an illustration and don’t stand by what i have said, it’s just my opinions as an artist, and why not just google what i have said and maybe you will find out what i found out? =)

The truth

And maybe i saw him live 2 times, yeah here in jonkoping! and if you come to jonkoping maybe you even will the get the opportunity to meet this yoggi ;).

crap! i might yet again have gone to far =/

and as you might have understood, me and gorgeous might have to start our own clothes-brand, and might have to have the factory in Yugoslavia :).

and maybe i should tell you that gorgeous is born on the 13th, my lucky-number as you might have guessed, and yeah it was on a friday =)

and maybe you should just leave that beautiful red s3 sed

and by the way, did you know that ferdinand porsche startef

and i might even have been riding that fjollrosa, and yeah that s2 to, and maybe somebody lost their drivers-license after giving me my first ride in that rs? and maybe somebody lost his drivers-license on the way home from a car-meeting in sthlm giving the best ride of my life in that beautiful red s2 sedan

and maybe it even spun all 4 wheels in a small bend on the e4, somebody downshifting and flooring it right as we pass tru water

and relax i have two witnesses

and that rs! i even got to ride that rs on the track! the best track-car ever?

and drove my bettan there, yeah i call her so to, as we say in swedish “kärt-barn-har-många-namn”, and yeah i am talking about my s2, yeah that silver one

and maybe i really scared some 911s there, and once i might have beaten a ferrari testarossa? on the e4.

and that beautiful silver-metallic skoda-octavia-rs, with that i might even have beaten a 930 on e4 north of Gävle

And maybe even a Saab 9-3 turbo X, that also north of gävle

and i just got the news that this has been shared on facebook, again!

love you all!

peace :).


then maybe i even can find enough peace inside of me to go and lay next to my precious gorgeous, which maybe i should have done a long time ago. =/

and maybe even älska med henne :).

and goffen, please don’t forget to unleash that silver-bullet before you leave so that you dont take the house with you!

and maybe somebody even can give me a call about that ECSTACY? maybe somebody that i haven’t heard from in a very long while?

and maybe even somebody ifrån umeå?

and could i drive that car to kkv or not? maybe somebody can send me an e-mail about that, maybe somebody from trafikverket?

and will somebody actually leave that red s3 sedan instead on my s2 and will that somebody be goffen?

or will somebody just steel my precious Audi S2?


who knows?

Maybe god knows?

and maybe i will tell you what happened later today, i think =/

and yeah the keys really are there :).

Didn’t i tell you i found errors in the programming 😉

and maybe even i found out that there is gold and other “precious” metals in abundance, maybe even in water-streams here in Sweden

and even in the Vršac-Bergen :).

and maybe i even have an architect better than me? and yeah if have designed houses, in sketch-up of course!

and maybe i even did paint beautiful car-interiors and -exteriors as a child?

and maybe i even built a-lot of lego?

and maybe i even painted magnetic-dampers before you Audi, maybe i was like 13? and i used real magnets instead.

and maybe i even told somebody in 7th? grade that i didn’t believe in einsteins Relativitetsteori?

and i loved x-files but never believed in aliens, but i did tape every avsnitt

ask all my friend som lånade dom

and maybe i played a lot of video-games

and spent a lot of time with the computer

and maybe even met friends for life on the internet

and guess what?

when i was young you could actually talk to somebody on the internet, take the car and go meet that person without even seeing a picture of that person, and guess what?

i did it a-lot?

and maybe i even just lit up a joint with people i met for the first time?

and maybe i met some friends lighting up a spliff on stationen?

yeah of course i’m talking about Juneporten!

in Jonkoping, vätterns-pärla

and did i mention i programmed my own games with my friends in q-basic?

and did a lot of lan-ing

maybe at Itab in Jönköping?

and maybe i watched a-lot of Anime?

and read some Manga-magazines?

and maybe i have thrown away almost everything i own

and maybe accidentally may have deleted 100.000 pictures i have taken

maybe somebody can helt me with that?

don’t woyry! i made a backup on another harddrive

and accidentally deleted that to

yeah that actually all here in Mullsjö, the best place on earth.

yeah here on lyckliga-gatan

Mångatan maybe even